Transformation To Mommy-hood

The biggest life changing experience has finally come to my life, and not a moment to soon! I'm going to be a mommy!
This blog will my my journey and hopefully something that will help me keep my sanity throughout this experience, and maybe some other people out there will find it entertaining enough. Wish me luck!

Baby’s First Pool Day

I love my zulily finds! They are soo adorbs on her!

I got Paulina this Bright Starts play gym but i think i may have picked the wrong one, seems that this is too small and she’s starting to outgrow it already. You might want to get a bigger one with more stuff on than this one. It does not come with a lot of stuff too.

Paulina has been “asking” to eat real food, especially when she sees us eating . She is 5 months now, so I asked her pedia if I could give her something and she suggesting using this Munchkins mesh pacifier and put in fruits or veggies one kind at a time (to watch for allergies). She looooves it! I gave her a piece of clementine to munch on.

At 5 months Paulina is now ready to use the seat for her stroller and it was time to put the bassinet away. A little bit of a relief since it took a lot of space in my car’s tunk. But the Uppababy Vista is a bulky stroller, however, I do love how safe it is for my baby.

I got her this Bumbo chair with tray when she turned 4 months because her pedia said she could start eating solids but was too young for a high chair.
Its nice but my baby didnt seem to like it that much. But its helpful enough for 20 minutes! 😋

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